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A Grand Day Out . . .

Ever wondered how this photographer makes his living? A sample day earlier this week:

0515 Alarm goes.

0530 Car lock frozen solid – a hunt for matches follows. After repeated attempts in the icy darkness I manage to heat the key enough to thaw the lock.

0545 Freezing fog.

0550 Car hits an icy patch on a hairpin bend and I end up on top of a hedge, luckily the right way up.

0630 A truly wonderful passerby with a huge 4WD offers to tow me back onto the road and does so. He will accept no reward, saying cheerfully ‘it might be me next time’.

0645 The significant bits of the car appear to be working, so on I go through the fog.

0700 Fog even thicker.

0800 Road closed because of somebody else’s accident – many miles of diversion ensue.

0900 Rush hour traffic.

1000 Finally arrive at destination (Wallasey) several hours late – but the sun is shining, so straight to work shooting pictures of a spectacular church under threat of redundancy.

SS Peter, Paul & Philomena

SS Peter, Paul & Philomena

1400 Breakfast at last. I go down to the sea front – this is New Brighton, brought to the attention of the outside world by Martin Parr’s extraordinary photographs (The Last Resort). I keep thinking I’ve been here before, but of course it’s the locations of Parr’s pictures I recognise – this bus shelter, that cafe.

1600 Leave for home, having walked many streets looking for vantage points from which the church’s dome (known to sailors as the Dome of Home) could be seen. Eventually a convenient fire escape does the trick.

The Dome of Home

The Dome of Home

1900 Home – and the realisation that we are due out to supper about three quarters of an hour distant. I don’t offer to drive.

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