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Snow, ice and fungus

All around a steady drip, combined with the occasional roar as a burst pipe thaws into life. Enough of that. On to the traditional ‘snowy landscape with sheep‘, another unavoidable part of the winter ritual.

sheep in the snow, Presteigne

corrugated iron barn in snow

A brief and bitter walk on Christmas afternoon led past this barn in the last of the light. I found more interest in a frozen stream near our front door, though, before a foot of snow covered it. It might almost have been a photogram by Moholy-Nagy.

frozen stream

Another rather spectacular example of life imitating art appeared in a nearby house where dry rot fungus had spread between two sheets of perspex leaning against a wall. The abstract (about 4 feet high) that resulted when the sheets were peeled apart was a thing of great beauty.

dry rot fungus

Do you want ice with that?

I swore I wouldn’t put too many wintry pictures on this blog, but can’t resist these two taken at our local waterfall which rejoices in the name of Water-Break-Its-Neck. Some of the larger icicles were hollow,and every so often a drop of water could be seen through the ice, falling inside an icicle into the tiny pool contained in its tip.



Deep frozen

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