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Print On Demand

I’ve recently made a couple of picturebooks using the print-on-demand service offered by a company called Blurb (there are many others, and this is not a plug), and was pleasantly surprised by the quality. The (free) software isn’t hard to use, even for relative luddites like myself. There are a few problems involved in aligning double page spreads, calculating margins etc but nothing too dire. One of the books is a short portfolio of my own recent work, while the other is a record in b/w of the studio of the late John Sergeant, a master of still-life painting. Previews of the books can be seen at Here is an image from one of them:




New book – The Gardens of Japan

Quite unexpectedly, a FedEx van has just made its way into mid-Wales and down our snowy drive to deliver advance copies of our next book, The Gardens of Japan (Frances Lincoln Ltd), though it’s not due out until March 25th. Very pleased, and even more surprised that there were copies of the French co-edition as well, which we knew nothing about (or more likely had forgotten about)The Gardens of Japan

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