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Print Sales

From time to time I’m asked where my pictures can be bought. You can always contact me directly through my website, of course, but I’ve also decided to offer prints through Redbubble. They will deliver prints (framed if required), cards and posters direct to your door in a range of sizes. See the slideshow below for a selection (mouseover and click ‘buy now’ – it doesn’t commit you – to see the whole image):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

All White Now

A long-standing inability to resist a pun is my sole excuse for posting two more snowy pictures. That, and the encouraging thud of melting snow falling onto the skylight over my desk. Will life start flowing again, I wonder, after the strange time out we seem to have had ever since Christmas?

Frith wood in snow

Frith Wood, Presteigne

Shepherd's parsley in snow

Queen Anne's Lace

Do you want ice with that?

I swore I wouldn’t put too many wintry pictures on this blog, but can’t resist these two taken at our local waterfall which rejoices in the name of Water-Break-Its-Neck. Some of the larger icicles were hollow,and every so often a drop of water could be seen through the ice, falling inside an icicle into the tiny pool contained in its tip.



Deep frozen

Red Tree

Just went to shoot this artwork for the artist Philippa Lawrence – my next year’s Christmas card, I think

New book – The Gardens of Japan

Quite unexpectedly, a FedEx van has just made its way into mid-Wales and down our snowy drive to deliver advance copies of our next book, The Gardens of Japan (Frances Lincoln Ltd), though it’s not due out until March 25th. Very pleased, and even more surprised that there were copies of the French co-edition as well, which we knew nothing about (or more likely had forgotten about)The Gardens of Japan

Freezing in Wales

A warming woodstove for those sitting, like me, in an icy barn of a studio

wood-burning stove

An occasional progress report from my wonderful world

Here goes – a new year, a new start etc, etc. Resolutions? Work harder. Shoot more pictures – more to the point, shoot better pictures. Think better of people. Chase my slow-paying clients – you know who you are – and try to keep out of debt. Have more fun. Keep this blog passably up to date. On which note, here is a pic from my last shoot just before Christmas. The client was the wonderfully-named Friends of Friendless Churches, who look after such buildings in the remoter spots of Britain and are bringing out a book later this year.

St Mary's Church, Penllech

St Mary's Church, Penllech, on the Lleyn peninsula

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