It’s been almost a year since I last posted – how time flies when you’re having fun. Still, vaccines of one sort or another are on their way – my 94 year old father has had his, and I’m due for one fairly soon. It does make me wonder, though, about our government’s sense of priorities. I look around me and I see desperate young people who are having some of their best and most productive time taken from them, through no fault of their own. Surely it would have made sense to prioritise the young for any vaccine going. They, after all, are the workers, the creators on whose energy and activity we and the general economy depend. They are the ones who in normal times keep the hospitality business afloat, not to mention music and the arts. They suffer, too, from the necessary cruelty of social distancing. We all miss physical contact, but the young most of all.

The rest of us would have been perfectly capable of shielding for as long as needed, or at least keeping the low profile that has become second nature. If only I could, I would have passed on mine and my father’s vaccine appointments to my daughters without a moment’s hesitation, so that they could live full lives again.

I don’t really understand why this decision (incomprehensible, as so many others have been) was made. The cynic in me feels that the government is, as ever, pandering to its elderly Tory supporters, knowing that the youthful vote is lost to them in any case. I’m not naturally cynical, but the past months of incompetence, dishonesty and corruption would harden anyone’s attitude to our elected rulers.

I can’t, fortunately, find a photograph that suits the mood of this post – so here is a picture of a Whitby oyster-girl, taken in about 1910 by a relative of mine

    • January 29th, 2021

    AlexCompletely agree – a comfortab

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