The Way We Live Now

When this all began my thoughts were of long walks in this beautiful place I’m lucky enough to call home. All those remote hilltops I’d never quite got round to climbing, those prehistoric monuments unphotographed. However, it’s not going to happen until the lockdown is over. Though I don’t for a moment believe I would be putting others (or myself) at risk by driving to remote places and walking alone in them, somebody used the word ‘solidarity’ when I raised this dilemma on social media, and that struck home. We are all in this together. So no roaming empty landscapes for the time being, and no hills that I cannot reach easily on foot for my one daily dog walk.

View north from Caer Caradoc (pre-lockdown)

I have another dilemma, less easily resolved, which is: how, as a photographer, can I respond to this situation? It’s the very opposite of a visual event – it’s an absence, a vacuum, a blank sheet of paper. A deserted Trafalgar Square is one thing, a quiet Presteigne High Street is a little less unusual, to say the least. Any ideas are welcome. In the meantime there is gardening to do, and the studio to tidy. Stay safe and well, all of you.

  1. Re the photography I’ve been thinking in terms of painting…still lives of restricted items…?

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