A sad day . . .

that we hoped would never come. Speaking as an Englishman, I apologise to my friends on the other side of the Channel for this act of national insanity. I apologise for the harm it will cause to the greatest and most long-lived peace project the world has ever seen. It will harm us more, of course, but that is the entirely predictable consequence of the lies told by Gove, Johnson, and the rest of that shameful, dishonest and self-interested crew. It’s our fault too, those of us who didn’t take action, who didn’t reach out – but how? – to those who thought differently. We were, and are, lulled by social media into feeling optimistic about the ultimate triumph of reason and humanity. But some vile things are crawling out from under their stones and real action will be required to banish them to history. And one day, I hope in my lifetime, we will be back.

Again, I apologise for the actions I never took. In a long-dead tongue that is nevertheless understood across the community of Europe:

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

Image result for led by donkeys"

Addendum – no obvious celebrations in this town on the 31st. Shortly after 11pm a solitary firework exploded with a dull thud, sounding like a door being slammed shut . . .

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