Here We Go Again

Well, here we are again – ‘the most important election in our lifetimes’ – but aren’t they all? I certainly never thought we would see a return of the binary Lab/Con choice. Still, that is what we are left with across most of the country, and it leaves those of us who incline gently leftwards with no choice at all. May and her team of incompetent horrors are clearly unfit to take us through whatever disasters lie ahead – many of which are of their own making. Corbyn has grown throughout the campaign and whatever his faults he has a clear vision of what Britain might become, and offers hope. I disagree with his views on Brexit, of course, as does at least half the country. At least with a Labour government we could hope for civil co-operation in the negotiations to come. Better a rational leader with the country’s interests at heart (and a sense of humour) than a weak and arrogant P.M. whose principal concern appears to be the survival of her party and her own position. Round these parts (Brecon & Radnorshire) it’s a straight fight between the sitting Tory and the Lib Dems, with Labour scarcely to be seen. My own party, the Greens, decided to step down rather than split the progressive vote. I would urge anyone local to vote for the Lib Dem candidate, James Gibson-Watt, as a good constituency MP and a badly needed replacement for the Tory Chris Davies (who has claimed more expenses than any other MP in Wales – more than almost any MP in the country – and has rarely been seen in the constituency).

Little has changed in the country since my last post. The almost universal anger has not subsided. As a remainer, I feel anger at what I see as a profoundly stupid decision that will adversely affect all our lives, and more importantly those of our children. What I do not understand is the seething rage apparently still felt by many of those who voted to leave. Why so furious, when they’ve got what they wanted? I fear that it will never be enough to satisfy them, or heal their wounded souls.

Enough is enough, as somebody or other said recently. We can’t allow this to continue. Follow the link below to vote tactically and deny May the majority she craves.

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