Still Here

For one brief moment I thought happily that the Mayan Apocalypse would bring a natural if noisy close to this eternal progression of blogs, but it was not to be. No bang then, just the sound of a faint whimper as I settle down to the keyboard while 2012 dips below the horizon. So . . . back from Japan, where the maples were turning their impossible colours – fifty shades of red, in fact.

Maruyama Park, Kyoto

Maruyama Park



The Japanese response to this amazing display is even more marked than in the spring. However early I arrived, each tree was surrounded by visitors paying homage and often carrying an emperor’s ransom in cameras around their necks.


Tree worshippers – Nanzen-ji at first light

Back home in time to receive a daughter home from Mexico. She seems to have a gift for acquiring distinctive holiday souvenirs. Last time it was a llama foetus, so expectations were high and we were not altogether surprised when she presented us with a traditional Mexican delicacy (see below). I think Tyrrell’s Crisps have missed a trick here, or maybe not. Luckily she’s not going far foreign in the near future . . .
Alex Ramsay

And so to the future – here is a Japanese carp, symbolic of good fortune and also perseverance. Heaven knows we’ll need them both in 2013, so I wish you all, friends, family and readers unknown –

A Happy New Year!Alex Ramsay

    • Isabel Urquiza
    • January 1st, 2013

    Dear Alex, thank you for the pictures. Beautiful and interesting as ever. I always enjoy what you have to say. Keep up your love and joy in your family and work.
    Happy 2013, with my best wishes.

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