You’ll Believe A Horse Can Fly . . .

. . . well, you might if you were lucky enough to see Presteigne’s annual panto, Presteigne, Rome of the Free last week. A fantastic effort recalling the town’s erstwhile position on the lunatic fringe of the Roman empire, featuring drunken centurions, louche Roman ladies and bloodthirsty Celts. Not forgetting HRH and his royal consort, together with Pegasus who took to the air with the greatest of ease – surely a first for any local pantomime (watch a short video here). Cue many jokes about the town and the wider political situation and some great songs including a version of I’m a Believer that truly had to be heard to be believed. A few pictures below with many more to be found here. Roll on next year.

    • rhoda Partridge
    • December 18th, 2011

    Oh alex! I had the pleasure of good belly laughs all over again when I looked at your panto photos! when I next see Ian in the street, though he be clothed, I shall see him as he was in the panto. THANK YOU! I do love a good belly laugh. Rhoda.

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