A new feature – more Italian gardens

In tomorrow’s Telegraph Magazine (Saturday October 9th), the first extracts from Italy’s Private Gardens. I imagine this means it’s now officially out there in the wide and savage world – please be gentle with our latest infant. The Telegraph has chosen to feature some of the Sicilian gardens we visited – a good choice, as they’re not often visited and completely different to anything you’ll find elsewhere in the country.


stena paterno

An expectant Stena Paterno next to a Chilean wine palm in the Paterno garden



garden photography often requires patience



Behind the scenes at San Giuliano



helena attlee

The author at San Giuliano


I’m just back from a few days in Oslo, shooting a gigantic building in the city centre for The World of Interiors. Less than straightforward, having to shoot on film with the most mixed collection of light sources imaginable, most of which could not be turned off. The building was the size of a young power station, and it also rained continuously for three days. Not an unmixed delight, all in all.



actually it read 'slaughter', but I was feeling optimistic that day


    • Catherine Hall
    • October 13th, 2010

    Hi Alex,

    I just wanted to check, was the feature in the Telegraph on Italy’s Private Gardens on October 9th? I checked on both October 9th and 10th but couldn’t find it. Could you let me know if I missed it or if it’s going to be next weekend?

    Thanks a lot


    • It was in the Telegraph magazine on Saturday 9th – towards the back, I think

  1. Thank you Alex, very nice pictures indeed. but…..I’d like peolpe to know that I am now 20 kg less and the child is 2 years old!!! for the record!

  2. Lovely pics Alex, especially the ones with double entendres attached. Fair makes one want to join the Cosa Nostra and move to its obviously fragrant homeland.

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